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Our spray on bed-liner provides a beautiful, strong and durable solution for truck beds and any other substrate that requires a nearly indestructible protective coating.

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When calling to make an appointment, plan on making an appointment 24 to 48  hours in advance. Sometimes we can get you in the same day but please don’t count on it.  When we book your appointment we plan on having your truck for 4 hours.  With over 24 years of experience, we can normally get a truck done in 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Our product dries immediately so you can use the truck the same day if you choose Basic.  If you choose to go with our UV Stable 100% Aliphatic topcoat then we request you give your truck 24 hours for the Premium to fully cure.

If you will be staying with us while you wait we do have a waiting room with Coffee, Water, WiFi and Amazon Prime TV.

If you have one of the newer Fords with the key-locked tie-down plates inside the bed, let us explain how this system works.  From the factory each tie down plate has four aluminum nut-serts installed from the factory “unthreaded”.   Thee aluminum nut-serts don’t have threads cut into them until the plate is installed the first time. If a customer brings us a Ford without the tie-down kit, we normally DO NOT CONE the nut-serts as it looks cleaner, on rare occasions we will have a customer who may someday get the factory tie-down kit ask us to cone the holes, which we will but it’ really does not need it.

Customers still can easily drive a screw thru the indent in the bedliner at a latter date, thus cutting the threads into the aluminum nut-sert.  If a Ford owner brings us a truck which already has the tie-downs installed, we will remove them and place a paper cone (See Image #2) in the hole which allows the screw to be re-thread onto the previously threaded nut-sert.

It’s not uncommon that people ask how we can tell if something is a warranty issue or a negligence issue.  To understand how you first need to understand the process.  In order to ensure the best adhesion we need to start by cleaning the bed with a de-greaser.  This ensures that we don’t impregnate the paint with a foreign substance leading to problems down the road.  Next assuming the paint is in good condition we will etch the paint using sand paper, a wire cup brush or an orbital sander.  The etching gives the bedliner material a mechanical profile to ensure proper adhesion.  Following the sanding we will de-grease the bed one more time to remove any dust and ensure there is no chemical residue on the bed.

When you look at the bottom side of the paint sample you can see whether proper preparations were completed or not.  In the photo you can see “Blue” arrows which are pointing at the scratches left in the bottom of the sample.  These scratches indicate that whoever on our team prepped this bed did the job correctly.  Next,  you can see by the “Red” arrows the dark silver paint from the vehicle which separated from the factory primer and remains stuck to the bedliner.  This happened because of the adhesion between the LINE-X and the paint could not be broke.  Finally you can see the “Green” Arrow which displays where the primer itself separated from the truck and stuck to the paint which is stuck to the LINE-X.  This is not a failure of the LINE-X this is damage from negligence or abuse.

Fear not!  We fix repairs like this on all of our bedliners for free so long as it is within reason. On the other hand, if you drag a pallet off your truck and the nails rip the length of your bed, we would have to charge to repair it.  Bedliner is strong but it’s not indestructible.

Bedliner is an excellent solution for adding a permanent undercoating to you car or truck. The only drawback is we can’t apply it unless your vehicle body is on a rotisserie. The reason being is the way we apply it relies on gravity for the texture coat. Further, assembled vehicles have exhaust, wires, cabling, brackets, and components which if coated with bedliner material would make it impossible to remove and replace.

We can repair any bedliner issue you may have. We have extensive experience in repairing every imaginable possibility. Below is an example of a truck that originally had not one but two of our competitors beds in it. The first bedliner failed, the previous owner then brought it to another company to have it done right. The second bedliner company simply went over the original failing bedliner. Naturally in time that failed as well. In the end the owner sold it to our costumer who requested that we strip it all out and do it right. We stripped both coatings and as you can see in the picture, the customer was more than happy!

If you are looking for something truly unique or you want to minimize the look of having a texture bedliner material sprayed in your project, color is a great option.  To start colored bedliner is a two step process.  Step #1 is to apply the bedlibner basecoat which is and aromatic product (See UV FAQ) .  Step #2 is the topcoat color which is a single stage automotive paint.  The automotive paint bonds with the bedliner at the molecular level so it becomes one unit.  The automotive topcoat is UV stable much like you automotive paint.

We stand behind our product and installation.  If for any reason you’re not satisfied, please come in and lets see what we can do. 

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